Dog friendly summer activities

Dog friendly summer activities

In the heat of summer, you might want to do something fun with your pooch, but what exactly? Walking in the heat might not be the best idea for your dog, since the hot asphalt can burn his or her paws, he can get dehydrated and so on. So what can you do? Let’s explore some options in this article.

Take a hike

When the city gets too hot to handle for you and your pooch, the best idea we have to offer is to take a hike somewhere in the mountains or in the forest - whichever trail works better for you. Think about it|:it’s fun, it’s going to keep your dog curious because of the new environment and it will make you two bond a little better with the games you’ll play and adventures you’ll have.

Hikes are always a good idea if you have a very active dog as it can help them keep up with their metabolism. Walking, especially uphill, will make them exercise and keep them fit, as well as you. Plus, you can play fetch to make it even more fun. 

Splash around

If a heatwave hits your town, splashing around with your dog can be a good idea of cooling down both you and your dog. A fun idea, if you have a garden, is to just grab a hose and splash around with your dog. They’re sure to have lots and lots of fun, trying to catch the water coming out of the house. If you have kids, you can also pull out the kiddy pool and have them play around and cool down in there. 

Alternatively, if you want something a bit more fancy, you can throw a pup-pool party. Invite your dog’s friends from the dog park and have a blast in the pool. Prepare some dog treats and some dog-related activities and have a great time for everyone involved

Day at the beach

Everyone should enjoy a day at the beach from time to time, right? So why shouldn’t your dog? Pack a blanket, a towel, some SPF and your dog’s favorite toy and, if possible, spend the day at the beach. As you should, make sure you pick a dog-friendly beach. Also make sure that your dog is safe at all times, by keeping an eye on how far he’s swimming in the sea or what he’s trying to chew on on the beach. You wouldn’t want him to chew on a jellyfish and become sick. 

Go camping

Another fine idea is to take a few days off from the hustle and reconnect with nature for a few days by going camping. Your dog will love the time spent in nature, sleeping inside a tent and all the attention they will get from you and your family. 

If you go this route, make sure to regularly check your dog for ticks and other bugs, to prevent an infestation and any harmful infections. 

Go to the dog park

Okay, not everyone has access to the beach or is able to take time off to go camping. So what’s the city-friendly alternative? Going to the dog-park of course! 

Take a walk  to the dog park and let your dog have some fun with a few friends, socialise and enjoy a bit of running around. In the meantime, you can meet new people or enjoy a good talk with people you already know. 

Whichever suggestion you’ll go for, or if you have a similar idea, make sure your dog stays hydrated and avoid the biggest dangers for your dog in the summertime. Other than that, just ensure you have fun and spend lots of time making memories with your dog. 

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