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Special Edition Hands Free Leash

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Premium Gold
  • ★ SPECIAL EDITION - it’s an upgraded leash with extra features like: Spacious Secured Pocket, all the handles are padded and the traffic one is made to be easily reachable, superior hooks for extra safety and all this matched with a luxurious and fashionable gold color.
  • ★ SECURITY CLIPS ON THE BELT - Unlike other hands free leashes which can have your dog break free as a result of the belt unlatching, our professional leash has a support mechanism that is designed with 2 stainless steel clasps that take all the tension off the plastic buckle and divide the pulling force to both sides of the belt
  • ★ MADE FOR MEDIUM AND LARGE DOGS -If you have a large dog, you need a leash that absorbs shocks and allows you to control it without breaking stride. Provided with a strong, yet flexible bungee, and stainless steel clips, this hands-free dog leash is perfect for you!
  • ★ PERFECT CONTROL - Being able to fully control your dog may be crucial, especially when crossing a busy street. The easy grip control handle on the bungee will allow you a firm, yet smooth hold on your dog whenever you need to keep it out of harm's way
  • ★ HANDS-FREE OR HANDS-ON- Whether you prefer a hands-free leash or a traditional one, we've got you covered. Offering an effortless, simple system, our leash can be switched from hands-free to hands-on in a matter of seconds providing the same comfort in any configuration!

Special Edition SparklyPets Hands Free Dog Leash

Be amazed and surprise your dog with this Premium Hands Free Dog Leash from SparklyPets. It’s a Special Edition leash designed to exceed your expectations.

Let’s Take a Look at These Features:


  • A comfortable pocket belt, that is generous enough to store your belongings, so you will have your hands and pockets free.
  • Padded Handles and easily reachable traffic handle, innovated to keep the comfort at an elevated level.
  • A one of a kind, deluxe gold color that is designed especially for this leash.
  • The waistband and handle are made of WEATHER RESISTANT NYLON that will withstand even the most playful dog
  • The ELASTIC BUNGEE IS STRONG enough to absorb pulls and changes in direction, without causing you to lose balance
  • The LEASH IS LONG ENOUGH to give your dog enough room to run by your side or in front of you (the bungee can be extended up to 68’’)
  • The REFLECTIVE STITCHING will keep you and your dog safe when walking or running at night
  • The several parts of the leash are held together with STAINLESS STEEL RINGS AND CLIPS that will not tarnish in time
  • The waistband is provided with a plastic quick release buckle that will ensure a SNUG FIT AROUND YOUR WAIST (from 28’’ to 47’’)
  • The original design of this professional leash will allow you to SWITCH IT FROM HANDS-FREE TO HANDS-ON in a matter of seconds
  • On the bungee you’ll notice an EASY GRIP HANDLE that will allow you to gain more control over your dog
  • Our leash comes with a CONVENIENT STORAGE BAG can be hung up on a hook or the back of a door


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    Solidly made leash

    I've only had this leash a couple of days and only used it once, but I keep getting a reminder to leave a review, so here we go! This leash is really pretty great. I love the quality of the waistband for hands free running with my dogs. There is a locking clasp across the buckle which is really fantastic. That feature really speaks to the quality of this leash and waistband. There is a storage bag which I use to keep it by the front door. The reflective strips are excellent and the overall quality is simply amazing. I have only used this leash once, but the elastic in the leash tended to pull a bit off balance with my dogs - but they tend to pull hard on a leash and they are medium sized (35 and 40 pounds, respectively). The elastic is amazing for the run we went on. I am a certified dog trainer and I would use a static line for training, but for active running and walking this hands free leash is amazing.

    Madison E.

    Really makes my job a lot easier

    I am a certified dog walker and so I take many walks with many different dogs. I am really glad that I bought this since it does make my job a lot easier. Being a teen, my attention span is really small and so I like using my phone to play games while on these walks. This allows me to safely keep the dog on a leash while also playing games on my phone to keep me entertained. I also like that I can have a bit more control over the pups I walk since I can use my entire body to hold them rather than just my arm, especially when they see an squirrel and before my arm was nearly torn off. Very happy with this product and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a hands free leash!



    I've never tried a hands free setup before and I'm kicking myself that it took this long. Cooper is my 10 year old Schipperke mix and he can pull like a freight train sometimes. He's only 20 pounds but is ungodly strong. The amount of give from the bungee is just right. He doesn't get too far ahead and the length is perfect. The belt is easy to adjust and has plenty of hooks to attach a poo bag holder, towel or anything else you want to attach. The item came in a tote bag so it's easy to travel with. No loose stitches or anything of suspect quality. A very well made lead. 10/10 would recommend.

    Amazon C.

    Well made

    This product is very well made and sturdy and is exactly what i expected as advertised. The belt is solid and they have put thought into many of its features, but i wish it has a small pouch for treats. I am really not a fan of the bungee leashes in general so i don't use it, its much heavier than it needs to be and can be annoying while running. I'd pay this much for just the belt though, its nice.


    Great product

    It's a really good product, but it was too heavy for my small dog. It's more suited for med to large dogs.

    Erendira S.

    The bag needs a more reinforced stitch, the zipper is already out.

    I love the leash


    Great Customer Service, Decent Product

    Great Product for the Price. They leash it's self is pretty good and won't break but the elasticity did. The pouch zipper wore out after one week but I beat it up (great treat pouch now)!HOWEVER, I complained and they sent me a brand new one free of charge!


    Hands Free Perfection

    Gorgeous, simsple, sturdy, exactly what I was hoping for! If you run with your dog buy this, you won't regret it!