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Smart Rechargeable Humane Bark Collar

★WHILE OTHER ANTI BARKING DOG COLLARS stop working after a few weeks, go off when other dogs bark or their shocks are harmful & don’t have intensity levels, the SparklyPets Humane Smart Dog Collar features the UPGRADED Q9 Technology to avoid FALSE triggering from other dogs and the HUMANE beep vibration levels most times STOP the barking even before the no harm shock. Get the upgraded version and forget about any quality worries. - LIFETIME WARRANTY

★GET YOUR DOGS THE HUMANE TRAINING THEY DESERVE - You want to STOP your dog from barking endlessly and disturbing your neighbors, SAVE your family’s sanity from the annoying night growling or just TRAIN your puppy to control his new noisy skill. We designed the MOST EFFICIENT rechargeable bark collar with 2 TRAINING MODES: 1. Only Beep + Vibration & 2. Beep + Vibration + Harmless Static Shock – change them by pressing the Mode Button. – IT’S NEVER BEEN EASIER

★OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASY & FUN – We are an American family business and at first, we designed the anti-barking collars for our 4 loved dogs. That’s why the 2020 No Bark Collar is 3X MORE ACCURATE than older models, MINIMIZES false triggering by other dogs and PROTECTS the battery while charging with the POWER CUT OFF Technology. This version is 100% Waterproof & Shockproof for extra-durability. - SEE THE DIFFERENCE YOURSELF

★THE PERFECT GIFT FOR A LOVED ONE - If you are looking for a life-improving gift for a dog lover, then our Upgraded Smart Anti-Bark Collar is your best choice. The 100% ADJUSTABLE design makes it suitable for any small, medium or large dog and also all dog breeds. Charge it for 1-2 hours and enjoy up to 15 BARKLESS nights and relaxing mornings. All the SparklyPets Bark Collars are FULLY Waterproof & Shockproof for extra peace of mind. – MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY!★YOU DESERVE ONLY THE BEST QUALITY! We pride ourselves on providing TESTED & PREMIUM pet products with LIFETIME Warranty and U.S-Based customer support. We designed the 2020 Vibrating No Bark Collar after testing it on over 500 dogs to bring PEACE OF MIND and avoid over-shock with the intelligent 6-Step Training Software. Add to cart the anti-bark collar and if you aren’t 110% happy, we’ll provide you with a FULL Refund. – NO QUESTIONS, ONLY LOVE