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Short Leash

  • ★ SHOCK ABSORBING DESIGN – If your dog is a strong puller, you need a short leash to rise to the challenge. Whether used as extension for a regular leash, as traffic handle or short dog leash, SparklyPets Elastic Bungee absorbs shocks and protects you from injuries.
  • ★ 3 IN 1 BUNGEE LEASH – The versatile design of SparklyPets Extension Bungee allows you to use it as a traffic leash with soft padded handle, short training leash, or extension cord. Offering you extra control over your pet, it also makes an excellent large dog leash
  • ★ SOFT PADDED HANDLE – Whether you intend to use it as an elastic dog extension or as a large breed dog leash, you’ll love the soft padded handle. Preventing contact between your hand and the sides of the leash, the padding protects your palms against friction burn
  • ★ FREE DRAWSTRING BAG - When you buy your dog leash extension today, you will also receive a storage bag to help you save space and keep things organized. Use it to store your small elastic leash or anything else you might need stored
  • ★ 90 DAYS GUARANTEE – SparklyPets Bungee Leash Extension is made from the finest materials, to provide you extra control and absorb shocks. In the unlikely case that our dog leash attachment is anything but perfect for you, just send it back within 90 days for a full refund.


3 in 1 Shock Absorption Bungee

Safety meets versatility in SparklyPets Bungee Cord, an extension bungee that can be used as shock-absorbing attachment for your regular leash, short training leash or traffic handle when you need more control over your playful dog.

Made from durable, elastic material, the extension cord is suitable for large, strong breeds such as Beagle, Labrador, Rottweiler, Boxer, Husky, Golden Terrier, German Sheppard, and Pitbull. SparklyPets comes in two colors for you to choose from (blue and black) and features a reflective band that makes you and your dog visible during your nighttime walks.

Shock-Absorbing Extension

Is your dog a strong puller? Does it yank you around every time you go out for a dog? Not with SparklyPets Elastic Extension!

Thanks to its elastic material, the extension bungee absorbs shocks and efficiently lowers the effects of pulling. Just attach it to your dog leash and you’re good to go!

Traffic Handle

Are traffic areas a challenge for you and your dog? After all, you don’t want them getting confused and attempting escape!

With SparklyPets Traffic Handle you don’t have to worry about that. Soft padded and comfortable, it gives you extra control over your dog when you need it the most.

Short Training Leash

Does your dog need more training? Do you feel the need to have more control over your furry friend?
It takes less than 1 minute to turn SparklyPets Bungee Extension into a short training leash with soft padded handle. Attach the hook to the collar's ring where a normal leash would attach and start training your puppy!

Convenient Storage Bag

Looking for a way to save space? Keep things tidy and organized?
With every purchase you make from us, you get a sturdy drawstring bag for your bungee leash. Just toss the leash in the bag when it’s not in use and hang it anywhere!

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    Perfect length for our Jeep

    My Husband and I wanted to find a way to secure our doodle in the back of our jeep and make sure he doesn't jump out. The zip line dog kits for wranglers are $40+. I decided to shop around on amazon for the jeep dog zip line kits and decided to read some reviews on bungee leashes. I needed something short so he couldn't jump/slip over the sides. This leash did the trick.. Temporarily we have some 550 cord tied to the roll bars with a loop in the center to he is secure and it works perfectly. I put this leash on backwards so the handle is further away from our dog so i can use it as a leash to walk to and from the jeep. I also love that the handle is lined with a neoprene like material and it can be secured to Velcro to make the leash more streamline. Overall worth it if you're looking for something short.

    Impressed with this little leash

    Really nicely made leash with versatility. Impressed with the quality of the material used. One of the better versions of the bungee leashes. Short, for certain situations and control.

    Brenda L.
    Great leash, highly reccomend!

    Great bungee, fun colors, works great and reduces chance of injury from pulling. And attached easily to other systems or leashes as needed to extend.

    Amazon C.

    It is a great short leash!

    Braydon L.
    Worked Perfectly to Control Pulling

    I own a young, stubborn, 80 lb pit-bull/lab mix. He gets very excited going on walks and I have struggled with him pulling me around for far too long!That is until I found this! My favorite part is that I can clip it straight to my retractable leash (very much recommend as well) that I already owned. The bungee uses your dogs strength against themself instead of yanking your arm out of your socket. And the bungee is STRONG!! I was worried it would stretch too far but even my very strong, persistent boy bounces right back! I also very much love the added handle for when you need to control them in a tighter, close knit setting, it’s in the perfect spot to grab and keeps em nice and close.The only con I can say, and this might be because I am using it clipped to my retractable leash, is that it can be quite heavy and so as the dog gets farther from me it starts to swing into him and drag close to the ground. So far it hasn’t seemed to cause any issues, but it is something to consider if you have a dog that gets spooked by things swinging by its back legs or those with short legs that may trip over it. My dog is quite tall and has no issues jumping over the leash as it swings back and forth. But once again this may just be because mines attached to the end of my retractable leash? ‍♀️Either way I would highly recommend this for anyone who has a large dog that has been pulling them all over the place! It made walks more enjoyable for me but also more enjoyable for my dog!

    Jessica B.
    Great multi purpose leash

    This lead is great for my dog! I can use it to attach to my baby's stroller, walk her using the additional handle it has that unvelcroes or as a traffic leash! It gives the exact amount of room that my dog needs while walking nNear a busy street

    High quality; But NOT for retractable leashes.

    This is well made and sturdy, the handle is a perfect distance from the dog's back. Only drawback is that it is too heavy for use with retractable leashes.

    Jen P.
    One of my favorite leashes I have EVER purchased!

    Seriously if you bring your dog out in public you never know who is going to come running your way. This gives you so many options on your leash! LOVE IT!