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Rechargeable Bark Collar for Small Dogs and Medium

  • ★WHILE OTHER ANTI BARKING DOG COLLARS stop working after a few weeks, go off when other dogs bark, don’t work at all on SMALL dogs or they have harmful shocks, the SparklyPets Humane Smart Dog Collar features the UPGRADED 2020 Technology to avoid FALSE triggering from other dogs and the TWO HUMANE beep vibration modes STOP the barking WITHOUT causing any harm. It was designed to capture specifically the barking of SMALL dogs. - LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • ★GET YOUR DOGS THE HUMANE TRAINING THEY DESERVE - You want to STOP your dog from barking endlessly WITH ZERO shocks, SAVE your family’s sanity from the annoying night growling or just TRAIN your small or medium dog to control his new noisy skill. We designed the MOST EFFICIENT rechargeable bark collars for small dogs with 5 SENSITIVITY Levels and 2 TRAINING MODES: 1. Beep + Vibration & 2. Beep + Stronger Vibration. – 100% HUMANE, NO SHOCKS
  • ★OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASY & FUN – We are an American family business and at first, we designed the anti-barking collars for our 4 small loved dogs. That’s why the 2020 UPGRADED Barking Dog Deterrent is 6X ACCURATE than older models, ELIMINATES false triggering by other dogs or random sounds and features the MODE ZERO for testing & easy start-up. This new model is 100% Waterproof & Shockproof for extra-durability. - SEE THE DIFFERENCE YOURSELF
  • ★THE PERFECT GIFT FOR A LOVED ONE - If you are looking for a life-improving gift for a dog lover, then our Humane Smart Barking Collar for Small Dogs is your best choice. The 100% ADJUSTABLE and LIGHTWEIGHT design makes it SUITABLE for any small, medium dog and also all dog breeds. Charge it QUICKLY for 1-2 hours and enjoy up to 15 BARKLESS nights and relaxing mornings. It includes a silicone cover for EXTRA COMFORT and avoids any skin irritations. – MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY!
  • ★YOU DESERVE ONLY THE BEST QUALITY! We pride ourselves on providing TESTED & PREMIUM pet products with 2 Years Warranty and U.S-Based customer support. We designed the 2020 Rechargeable No Shock Bark Collar after testing it on over 500 dogs to bring PEACE OF MIND and avoid ANY SHOCKS with the intelligent 6-Step Training Software. Add to cart the smart anti-bark collar and if you aren’t 110% happy, we’ll provide you with a FULL Refund. – NO QUESTIONS, ONLY LOVE


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    Long G.
    Only regret- Wish we bought these sooner!

    Hi. I bought two of these bark collars for two dogs. One large dog (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and a small dog (pug/terrier mix).I put together the collars and then put the electronics to charge. The metal prongs come with conductive silicon covers. And there is a testing circuit to check operation. There are two operation modes no-shock and shock.After the first hour the 2 dogs learned not to bark past one bark. We now have the collars set to no-shock. The house has not been this calm/quit in along time.

    It works!!!!

    This has been a life saver!! I work from home as a customer service rep and my pup has separation anxiety if either me or my husband leaves the house. Whenever he leaves in the mornings she would bark uncontrollably which made my job harder. We wanted something that would stop the barking without hurting her so we got this with both options since she gets use to anything and starts her habits again. NOT WITH THIS! After using the vibration mode for a week she has stopped barking to the point we don�t have to put it on her anymore and we never had to use the shock mode. This really worked!!!

    Dog W.
    Works well, and humane

    This collar works great, it vibrates with about the same amount of power as a cell phone and beeps. It stops my little dog from barking immediately. He can still whine and make noises, but no more incessant barking every time someone dares to walk by. It does have a bit of a delay and only kicks on after 3-4 barks, but still better then it used to be. After a few days he seems to have stopped watching the window for his next victim

    Cristian V.
    I love it!

    I had tried everything for years to stop the barking at every noise or streak of light on a window, failed until the day I received the collar and put it on him.The only issue I experience is one I should have anticipated. As I sat with a guest in family room, he started to go into his very loud and consistent barking.The difference was the first loud bark was NOT followed by more barking. One bark and it stopped. It startled him tho, and he peed each time. If you have a Barker that is a bit insecure and has this tendency, i strongly suggest that you begin the intro outside.Today, the second day, we have had no barking!!!I tried a different shock collar years ago and it did not work, THESE COLLAR WORKED IN 2 DAYS.If i have any further comments, will get back to say. Strongly suggest these collars to help with barking dogs.

    Maryann T.
    Excellent & Worth the Buy!!!!

    This bark collar is fantastic! My dog has this on and as soon as he starts barking, the collar is activated and he immediately stops and looks at me with his ears down. (He thinks I�m using the hand held device where I used to stop him manually). Also, the battery life is phenomenal! I charged it the day I got it and I haven�t charged it since, it�s been a week. This is on my dog all day everyday so that�s excellent battery life. I�m purchasing another for my other dog now that I know how great this works!

    Sandra L.
    It�s a good product. I recommend giving it a try.

    We have just recently added a rescue to our dog family. He is quite the yapper. We were very interested in a humane way to try and get it under control. This device was the perfect answer. It does just what it says. It definitely gets his attention and is curbing his desire to bark at crickets crawling through the grass. We do have 2 other dogs that are always in close proximity. One of them is affected by the beeping sound it makes so that is the only hurdle so far that we need to figure out.

    Leslie B.
    Inconsistent, not effective

    The collar is easy to set up and has a long battery life but it is inconsistent. There is a delay in the correction that leads to confusion in the dog because sometimes it takes so long for the beep or vibrate to start that my dog is already done barking. Also, one of my dogs barking has lead to the one wearing the collar to get a correction ?? I tried this on both my dogs...a Min Schnauzer and a half beagle, half blue heeler mix. The Schnauzer laughed at this attempt to keep her from neurotic barking. For my other dog, it works about half the time which for me is unacceptable. I'm not really sure how this has positive reviews. Super disappointing because I was really hoping for relief!

    Christina M.
    Decent but unpredictable at times

    I bought 2 of these (one for each dog). They�re very easy to use and operate. Right now I only use the vibrate mode for my pups. They haven�t been naughty enough for the shock. A couple concerns though. 1) There have been a couple incidences where one dog will bark and the other�s collar will activate. The barking dog�s collar does not go off. The look I get from the � innocent� one is that of pure confusion and despair. 2) I�ve also had the collar go off while my dog was itching her neck w her back leg. She too stopped in her tracks in total confusion. I�m trying to teach them not to bark. But, these things have a mind of their own at times. For the most part, they do their jobs. But, I do feel bad for my pups when they�re unfairly �corrected�.