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Hands Free Double Dog Leash

Range Green
Coyote Brown
    • ★ You won’t feel them pulling the double leash - If you have large dogs you need a two dog leash that’s shock-absorbing. This leash for two dogs comes with strong and flexible bungees that prevent waist and back injuries from medium or large pullers.
    • ★ Comfortable padded handles for more control - being able to fully control your dogs may be crucial, especially when crossing a busy street. This double leash for dogs comes with 4 foam-padded handles that will allow you a firm and smooth hold on your dogs whenever you need it.
    • ★ No tangle, more fun on walks, running, or jogging - we offer a dual dog leash tangle free for those special moments when you don’t want to worry about getting twisted leashes. The no tangle swivel splitter offers a 360° rotation move so that your dogs may enjoy the liberty of moving.
    • ★ Hands free or hands-on double leash - Whether you prefer a hands-free leash or a traditional one, we've got you covered. Provided with reinforced stainless steel clasps for extra security, our dog leash for 2 dogs can be switched from hands-free to hands-on in a matter of seconds!
    • ★ We stand behind our products - Made from high-quality materials. We are confident in our Hands-Free Double Dog Leash. In the unlikely event that our dual dog leash is not right for your dogs, don't hesitate to contact us.

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      Rachel A.
      I'm very happy with this leash

      I'm very happy with this leash! I thoroughly read reviews first to find the hands-free leash that would fit my needs. I have a convertible leash that can go cross-body, which I've been using for years. It's hands-free, but it still hurts your shoulder, especially if your dog decides to pull. I was looking for something better for when I want to be hands-free, like during hikes or when I'm walking multiple dogs. This leash is super simple to use. I especially love the two handles on the leash so I can hold onto my dog close to me if needed. The shock absorber works noticeably well. I love that the ring slides around to ensure you don't get tangled up. I wish they sold one of these leashes that had two leashes attached to the waist belt for two dogs. I also wish it had a little pouch on it to hold keys, dog bags, etc. on the waist belt, but I think I can sew something on.

      Best leash I've ever bought

      I have two dogs - one is a lab mix who is perfectly trained. The other is an 80 lb pitty that is pure muscle and goofiness. This leash has so many thoughtful design features that is a game changer for running with two dogs. The bungee section of the leash helps significantly with absorbing the pulling. There are multiple padded handles to allow for optimum control when needed (e.g. holding my crazy boy close when we pass other dogs). I also really like that you can unclip the double lead and just use it as a single leash if needed. My only wish is for the padded strip on the back to be a little bigger/sturdier for more comfort. Definitely recommend!

      this is a game changer

      my boyfriend and i have four dogs and we run with them. we've been struggling with them pulling on the leashes and hurting our arms. i got these for both running, but also so we take them hiking. we used them last night when we went for a run, and i really liked it. i felt i had enough control over the dogs and had the handles i could grasp. if i felt they were too far. i had it kind of tight around my waistline. my boyfriend didn't think that was comfortable and said it pulled on his back so he put it down where his belt would usually go and said that was better. i look forward to continuing to use these and getting lots of miles in with our dogs!

      D. R.
      Great item, made walking my dog enjoyable again

      Exactly what I needed. My 50+ lbs. dog has a tendency to dart after squirrels during our walks, which ends up wrenching my shoulder. This leash is wonderful in multiple ways. The bungee cord keeps the sudden movement from pulling at me quite so hard, while the hands-free, around the waist harness centralizes the pull to my core, which is admittedly stronger and sturdier than my shoulder.The design is excellent and the materials used appear to be good quality. The last hands-free leash we had, my dog broke within two days. This leash has easily outlasted it. I especially like the dual metal rings to clip the leash to, keeping the stress off of the plastic buckle on the harness around my waist.

      One of my better leashes, buy it.

      I ordered this leash for my Greyhound, after having used the smaller bungee with my Beagle and seeing how much easier it was on my arm when he constantly pulled.My Greyhound is much better trained and hardly pulls but I wanted this leash because of its versatility and having two handles helps especially when I need to go short leash to control her when she gets excited seeing squirrels. The pouch with the two D rings on each side is also great when I take both my dogs out together for a walk I can attach one leash to the ring and have one of my hands free. I highly recommend this leash.

      S. Smith
      Great quality.

      This is a great value for the money. The belt is very strong and thick... I have a dog that can pull my dead weight on the ground so having a strong belt to attach him too levels the playing field but most even leather belts arent strong enough and other belts rely on a clip and this has 2 d rings to connect too which is great. Also the leash itself is very thick and strong. Has stood up and helped a 9 month old 87lb rottie german shepherd dog significants for leisure walks and the belt alone is worth the price. Very pleasantly surprised. Anyone with a strong puller needs one of these belts to take the pressure off your arm. The second clip on the leash puts my tall dog in perfect heel position with no bungee extension (great around distractions where I done want him far away from me).

      High Quality Leash of Modern Times

      I recently adopted a senior foster dog, an 8 year old Golden Retriever. Although he is older, he has the personality of a puppy! He loves his walks, but I have back problems. I wanted a good leash that would let me train him so to speak to walk at my pace but also not hurt him by pulling the leash. I have NEVER seen a hands free leash. The part that goes around your waist is comfortable and adjusts easily. Then you just hook the leash to that.. With two handles you can use this in many different ways. It is so nice to enjoy a walk with a cup of coffee in one hand, water bottle, doggie poop bag, or whatever. I think it makes the walk much more enjoyable for your pet and you. I am so happy I purchased this item. The price point is actually low to me considering the quality. The future is here!

      gary r.
      Duh, now I find out..........

      I�ve been walking dogs for 30+ years and a recent experience with a bad shoulder led my doctor to suggest a belted leash. While I have never wanted a �frozen� shoulder, I now wonder why the hell I didn�t try the �SparklyPets� Hands-Free Leash decades ago. I�m not a big fellow - 5�7�, 140�s - and I�ve been able to navigate the streets and parks of Denver with my 50 mutt without any problems. Probably, one of the best surprises Amazon�s delivered to my door!!!!!! The elasticity of the 6 ft leashes is quite a find on it�s own.