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SparklyPets Waist Leash Dog Walking Fanny Pack

  • ★ Dedicated pockets for every specific need – whether you use a walking leash for dogs that pull or simply go for a run, staying hydrated is crucial. We designed our dog running waist leash with all your essentials at your waist! Our bottle holder lets you quench your thirst on the go, while the dog poop bag holder ensures you're always prepared.
  • ★ Designed to fit all types of phones – these days, when using a dog running leash, you need to stay connected. That’s why having a phone holder with enough room is essential. Using the SparklyPets waist band dog leash, you have it all, even a dedicated dog treat pouch pocket that can easily be folded in case you don’t use it.
  • ★ More flexibility & less pulling – our SparklyPets waist leash for dog walking is more than a simple dog leash with pocket. Insured with a strong shock-absorbing bungee, this running dog leash is the ideal offer when it comes to a hands free dog leash for hiking, running, or strolling.
  • ★ Fits all types of waists – moving it around family members with different stature, we made sure that the setting comes easily in hand by the 2 adjusting points placed on each side of the multipurpose dog leash belt. You can easily set around the waist dog leash between 25″- 47″ reassuring it's a waistband hands free comfort leash for all.
  • ★ Made from high-quality materials - with 3 sturdy connection points on the waist pack dog walking belt, you can easily switch between them to control the running leash for dogs in any condition! When the sun goes down, our waist pack dog walking leash acts as a reflective running gear dog, confirming you stay visible and safe on your nighttime adventures.
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