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Rope Leash with Extension Bungee

Range Green
Coyote Brown
  • ★ CHEW RESISTANT LEASH – Braided with tough nylon, SparklyPets Rope Leash is made for dogs who easily wear through regular leashes
  • ★ FOR STRONG DOGS – Featuring a thick rope, metallic hook, leather joints, and elastic bungee, rope leash is perfect for stronger dogs
  • ★ SHOCK ABSORBING BUNGEE – When you buy your big dog leash today, you will also receive an elastic bungee to offset the pulling
  • ★ MODERN AND STYLISH – Style meets function in this dog leash set that comes in four colors for you to choose from. Well-crafted and reliable in your hands, SparklyPets Rope Dog Leash is undoubtedly one of the best dog leashes for large dogs you’ll find on the market.
  • ★ 5 Years GUARANTEE – Our gentle leash for dogs is made with a lot of attention to detail to ensure you and your puppy the best walking experience. If you don’t absolutely love your nylon leash with extension bungee, just send them back for a full refund!

If your dog manages to chew or unravel any classical dog leash, it’s time for a change! Built from durable nylon webbing, SparklyPets Outdoor Dog Leash is meant for strong pullers who easily wear through regular leashes. A strong, metallic hook makes attaching the leash on and off your dog’s collar a breeze, while the leather joints are just as durable as this thick dog leash. SparklyPets Chew-Proof Leash comes with a detachable shock absorbing bungee to help offset the pulling and:

  • Eliminates the stress to your arms and neck
  • Provides extra-stability in case of unexpected pulls
  • Withstands dog chewing and pulling without unraveling
  • Keeps you safe at night thanks to the reflective stripe sewn into it
  • Gives your dog space to walk in front of you (43.3" without bungee)
  • Makes an useful gift for any pet owner in your life

A Braided Leash for Strong Dogs

Nice and lightweight, yet very durable and robust, SparklyPets Professional Dog Leash is especially good for large dogs such as dobermans, boxers, german shepherds, huskies, and labradors. For additional comfort, this pull dog leash has a padded handle that will protect your hands from bruises and burns. Inspired by ultra-tough hiking gear, SparklyPets is a perfect:
  • Large breed dog leash
  • Dog leash for women
  • Padded dog leash
  • Mountain dog leash
  • Reflective leash
  • Dog leash for men
  • Dog training leash
  • Non slip leash
  • Outside dog leash

Quality at Its Best

The quality of our big dog leashes differentiates us from our competitors and makes SparklyPets Pulling Leash stand out from the crowd. Built for comfort and durability, this nylon rope leash features:

  • Anti-pull bungee
  • Extra durable stitching
  • Strong metallic hooks
  • Natural leather joints
  • Braided nylon rope





 And It Gets Even Better!



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      Chris E.
      Canada Canada
      Fantastic product with the most professional customer service experience

      My experience actually blew my mind!!!! SPARKLY PETS reached out to me to see if I received my dogs leash and followed up too see if I and my dog Oliver were happy with our purchase! YES YES YES !!!! Oliver loves his new leash and I love the fact my shoulders are now intact. The bungee leash is fantastic, we couldn't be any happier. Oliver and I thank the team at SPARKLY PETS.

      Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
      Sturdy, good leash

      I bought two leashes (one as a spare). I have a 50kg rottweiler. The rope leash with bungee cord was useful; it certainly helped reduce the stress on the shoulders when he lunges at some dogs he dislikes. But given that he is a big boy, we had some rope burns on our fingers when he lunged. The extended flat part of the leash with bungee cord cut our fingers. Both rope burns and cuts from the flat part of the leash were not serious but painful and sore. We love the use the of the rope leash with bungee cord but wonder whether a protective layer be included as part of the design so that hands and fingers can be protected for large, strong dogs. Otherwise, a pretty good leash.

      Amazon B.
      United States United States

      This leash is amazing. I go out in the morning to run with my dog and I couldn’t have asked for a better leash. The elasticity provides a safe barrier for me and my dog! Love it!

      Comfortable grip for heavy pullers

      I have a 1 year old Husky puppy who LOVES to pull. I'm talking drag you across the lawn pull. I bought this product along with a gentle lead in hopes that they would relieve some of his pulling. Though we are still in the training phase, this leash has helped make walking him A LOT more comfortable. The leash is very high quality and the bungee extension helps absorb the shock and tension my pup creates when he pulls. I've owned many leashes and this one is the most comfortable for me when walking him. If you have a heavy puller like I do and are tired of getting your shoulder pulled out of socket then I highly recommend this leash.

      Mel's N.
      I totally love this leash!

      This leash has made walking my dog so much easier! I injured my arm from my dog pulling so hard on his other leash, and this SparklyPets leash has made going on walks so much easier. The anti-pull bungee works very well, and I no longer have to worry about reinjuring my arm. I highly recommend this leash!!

      Great Leash at a Great Price

      Awesome Buy. I prefer leashes with Bungee. My youngest Boxer (55 lbs) likes to try to take off after Squirrels aka 'Gods Tennis Balls' when I walk her. This combined with a Morning-gale collar helps correct her while saving my shoulder. The bungee adsorbs a lot of the sudden jerk. I love that this leash has the long handle for walks and the short grip for when I want to keep the Puppy close.Finally, I bought another leash that was part bungee last year. One leash was $30. This leash is half the cost of the other leash. This leash is also constructed much better. I have a feeling it will be a few years before I replace this leash. When I do need another leash I am defiantly getting another one of these.I highly recommend and can't say enough good things about this leash.

      Ellen S.
      Helps with pulling.

      I love this product. I have an American Brittany that loves to pull. He is a strong dog. I use this leash for both neighborhood walks and trail walks. I feel that I have complete control and the bungee helps my shoulder with the pulling. The only thing I would want to change is I would like the leash to be a little thicker. This leash has what I would call a standard thickness. It is similar to other leashes I have had in the past. A few years ago on another leash I tore (8 stiches) my finger because I wrapped the leash around my hand and my dog yanked so hard. Because of my accident, I am always aware of my hand placement on the leash. A little thicker would be perfect. Other than the thickness of the leash I am happy with this purchase.

      Sonya t.
      Very Sturdy

      I have been using a cheap nylon leash, which is fine except I always have to wrap it around my hand to reign in my puppy. I love that this leash has the additional handle near the top so I can grab him quickly before he takes down a small child. The leash material seems very sturdy as do the clips. Although the only thing is the clips are so heavy duty that they seem almost too heavy, so when it's clipped to his harness it weighs it down and pulls it to his side. But I would rather it be too heavy than cheap and break. Overall I'm very happy with this leash and it didn't cost me one of my arms and it might also save my arm. LOL